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ITCoody is an Information Technology company specialized in developing information systems, web development, and mobile application development.

Our solutions are developed with the latest available technologies, starting with the idea of delivering the work to clients and the training of stakeholders.


To become our solutions used all over the world, and our brand is one of the international IT brands.


Developing solutions with international specifications that provide the appropriate environment for users in terms of ease and quality.


Websites development

We offer a website development service with modern designs that reflect the identity of the customer and his field of work, and the service we provide includes:

  • Website design
  • Website programming and control panel
  • Domain reservation and website hosting
  • Explanation of the user control panel
  • We also provide professional website development service using WordPress CMS and e-stores.
Mobile applications development

With the increasing interest of the information society in mobile applications, we have a team of engineers specialized in developing mobile applications, from small applications to large system applications. The most important characteristic of the service we provide:

  • UI/UX design with modern interfaces in line with the user experience
  • Building applications for Android/ IOS systems
  • Upload apps to Play Store & App Store
  • Applications are suitable for all device sizes
  • Connecting applications with stores and electronic payment gateways
Design & Motion Graphic

We collect and analyze customer requirements to design alternative solutions for customers, help them move their work from the traditional work environment or solve problems in their work and develop appropriate information systems using the latest available technologies.

Information systems development

We offer a design service with creative ideas in an elegant and attractive way to bring out the identity of customers professionally. Some of the services we provide:

  • visual identity design
  • UI/UX Design for Websites and Apps infographic
  • Catalog and poster design
  • Editing and graphics

Our Projects

E-Investment Platform

The e-investment platform is an investment system based on the exchange of funds and ideas between entrepreneurs and investors. The system guarantees the implementation of projects on the ground and provides the necessary investment for these projects. For more information about the project, please contact us.


Information Systems Development

Mobile Application Development

Websites Development

Design & Motion Graphic


Magiclinic medic center

Development Magiclinic medical center website - Turkey

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Abber App for dreams interpretion

IOS & Android App

Interpreting dreams App

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Farha App

IOS & Android App

Preparation of events and weddings App

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Asia Middle East Forum

Website development for the Asia and the Middle East Forum - Istanbul

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Farmeto Malaysis

Farmeto Malaysia Veterinary Medicine website

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IOS & Android App

DHABAYEH UAE Mobile Application Development

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Afandim Delivery App

IOS & Android App

Afandim App for delivery

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Al Masar Academy

Al-Masar Academy for Training & Consulting

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